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IDaaS has replaced traditional IAM
With the rapid development of digital transformation and cloud computing, the dimensions and boundaries of enterprise information security are becoming more and more complex. As the first door, identity authentication and access rights management are carrying a very critical mission
IDaaS / IAM definition
Operational capability
About Authing

With the rapid development of digital transformation and cloud computing, the dimensions and boundaries of enterprise information security are becoming more and more complex. As the first door, identity authentication and access rights management carry a very critical mission.

In this context, the disadvantages of traditional IAM are gradually exposed: it is difficult to ensure access security in the hybrid cloud environment; it is not competent in the internal staff management and external user management scenarios; it is not flexible enough to launch new applications and compatible with old applications. At the same time, IDaaS service has the advantages of cloud scalability and cross-environment identity recognition and rights management capabilities, replacing the traditional IAM as enterprise infrastructure.

Definition of IDaaS
IDaaS is the abbreviation of identity as a service. It is a managed IAM service built and maintained by a third-party service provider. IDaaS contains all the functions of traditional IAM and can bring more benefits to enterprises
Improve marketing and efficiency
Accelerate the launch of new business
security and reduce network attack risk
Enhance user experience
... ...
Definition of IAM
IAM is the abbreviation of identity and access management, namely identity authentication and access management. Gartner, a technology consulting firm, defines IAM as "letting the right people access the right resources at the right time and for the right reasons."
IAM core functions
Therefore, traditional IAM providers are also known as 4A vendors. They integrate existing systems for enterprises and build an integrated application platform integrating user management, identity authentication, privilege management, and audit.
Operational capability

For example, it is difficult for IAM to find out the business opportunities of large-scale customers who have not signed in to IAM within six months, and it is difficult for them to find out the business opportunities of customers who have not signed in to IAM in six months and have not been able to meet the needs of their customers.

Similar scenarios are almost everywhere in the daily operation of enterprises, but the traditional IAM does not have such flexible functions. The multi-tenant operation platform and workflow of IDaaS can easily realize such operations, and the efficiency of enterprise operation can be greatly improved.

Scalability and scalability

When the number of users is increasing, the pressure on the user system will also increase. The traditional IAM mainly relies on accumulating servers and setting load balancing to optimize, but the number of login failures always increases with the increase of users, which is a disaster for enterprises and users.

The cloud-native architecture of IDaaS can solve this problem well. Take the authentication identity cloud IDaaS for example, nearly ten million users log in to thousands of systems through Authing every month, and have large-scale data processing experience. The digital identity solutions built by third-party IDaaS platforms like Authing can better support enterprise expansion.

Another problem that enterprises often encounter is to continuously access new systems and develop new applications. And every time you go online, you need to get through with the user center to realize single sign-on (SSO), which is a complex task for IAM, and even the vast majority of IDaaS on the market are difficult to support flexibly. The developer-friendly IDaaS like Authing makes it easy for developers to access new applications and be compatible with old applications by encapsulating more than 500 APIs and SDKs in more than 10 languages. Help new businesses go online quickly.


Data assets are gradually surpassing physical assets and becoming the most valuable core of enterprises. The theft and attacks against data assets are also on the rise. Traditional IAM is built locally, which is difficult to guarantee enterprise security in the hybrid cloud environment. The granularity of privilege management is coarse and the access control policy is single.

For example, when an employee changes his / her common login address or changes his / her frequently used login device, the risk of the member's account being stolen will increase. The traditional IAM will take back all his / her permissions in a "one size fits all" way. However, a better way is to double verify the user through other methods such as face or fingerprint. After confirmation, the user is authorized according to the preset policy and authorized in IDaaS In the platform, attribute-based access control (ABAC) allows enterprise IT personnel to configure similar policies easily and flexibly.

The security of third-party cloud services has been questioned, but more and more data show that cloud services have higher security than locally deployed software, and the same is true of IDaaS compared with IAM. The domestic IDaaS platform represented by Authing uses KMS encryption technology to make the managed data only accessible by the owner.

Moreover, Authing also provides private cloud solutions, which enable enterprises to enjoy the advantages of cloud-native products and avoid risks.

About Authing

Authing is the first full scene identity cloud product in China, which integrates all international mainstream identity authentication protocols, such as OIDC, OAuth 2.0, CAS, ad, LDAP, etc., to provide enterprises and developers with perfect and secure user authentication and access management services.

Authing was recognized as 「2020 national high tech enterprise」 by the Ministry of science and technology, and was selected as an「innovative enterprise in the field of identity management and access control」by China Academy of information and communications and was included in《 the 2019 white paper on network security industry 》. Authing has built excellent development methods, efficient office processes and secure its management system for excellent enterprises at home and abroad, such as PetroChina, AWS, Accenture, DEGO group, Southeast University, higher education press, etc.

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