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Highly configurable database solution

The custom database connection can decouple Authing from the database and is highly configurable according to user needs. It not only supports standard database solutions such as MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL, but also supports data source docking in API mode through a virtual sandbox. The environment runs user-defined scripts, which greatly improves data security.

Use scenarios for custom database connections

By using the custom database connection, you can get:
Complete control of user data: You do not want third-party service providers to save your user data.
Authentication: Use your database as an identity provider for Authing to authenticate users.
User migration: Lazy migration of user data to Authing without user perception.
Custom database connection scheme
Use the database provided by Authing
Authing provides a highly secure database infrastructure to store your users by default. In addition, various levels of password security requirements can be implemented, and passwords are not stored or logged in in plain text, but are hashed using bcrypt.
Use a custom database connection
If you want to store user credentials on your own server, Authing can connect to a custom database connection you configure and use it as an identity source. Essentially, you can use custom scripts to connect to any kind of database or Web service.
Migrating from a custom database to Authing
If your user data is stored in the database of the original system, you want to migrate users to Authing. At this time, Authing provides an automatic migration function, which can automatically add your users to the Authing database every time you log in, and avoid requiring your users to reset their passwords.
Comparison of Vendors of Custom Database Connection Capability
Currently, there are only two vendors in the world that support custom database connection functions, namely Auth0 abroad and Authing in China.
ManufacturerAuthingAuth0OktaAlibaba cloud IDaaSYufuZhuyun
Support or Not
ManufacturerSupport or Not
Alibaba cloud IDaaS

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