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A "Fortune 500" bank
It was the first pilot bank in the country to promote banking reform from outside the system.
Risk control system
Authing worked with us to improve the risk control capabilities of our original identity system, giving us a head start in eliminating risk. In addition, we were surprised by Authing's API/SDK, which is very fast to embed and integrate.
A famous one-stop investment platform
The country's first free Hong Kong and U.S. A-share LV2 quotes, data analysis of the Internet brokerage platform.
Flexible apps integration
Authing's cloud-neutral and developer-friendly features make it easier for us to access various local applications and overseas software, and ensure the security and control of data and information.
A leading insurance provider
The company was ranked No. 1 in the NPS published by Bain & Company.
Efficiently authentication
Authing's product backend is very user-friendly, quick to get started, and very responsive, helping us to build a complex identity system with very little effort.
A TOP fund service provider
An innovative financial technology company that makes deep use of Internet technology.
Cloud-based elements
Authing's cloud-based native elastic scaling capabilities and low code expansion allow us to achieve more secure and granular identity management and provide users with a better service experience.

The digital transformation of finance is imminent

Multi-system data fragmentation
  • Multiple authentication is required when using different business systems. This leads to difficult account unification and inefficient operations.
  • Employees are frequently transferred within the enterprise, and there are a large number of non-staff personnel outside the enterprise. This leads to poor O&M efficiency and the risk of missing privileges.
  • Confusing permission management
  • Multiple parallel sets of each business system lead to scattered authority management. And the lack of a unified policy leads to low security and efficiency.
  • The business logic of permission management is complex, especially in the financial industry, and self-research systems require significant development costs and low ROI.
  • Clear trend towards localization
  • According to the analysis, the proportion of basic hardware and software in IT outsourcing will be further increased to 15-25%; financial IT is expected to achieve full localization in 2025.
  • Under the trend of independent and controllable information innovation, it is necessary to meet the new trend of replacing AD with localized systems.
  • Increasingly strict regulation
  • Enterprises should improve user authentication, access control, data encryption, logging, illegal intrusion detection and other protective measures. -- China Securities Regulatory Commission Order No. 152
  • Enterprises should establish a sound information technology infrastructure and security assurance system; adopt technical means such as border protection intrusion detection and data protection. -- Internet Insurance Business Supervision Measures
  • A sound risk governance structure, risk management policies and procedures, internal control and audit system shall be established to adapt to the business characteristics of Internet lending. -- Interim Measures for the Administration of Internet Loans by Commercial Banks
  • Accelerating digitization based on identity


    Choose Authing to increase company's productivity

    • High-security
      • Data is stored encrypted with AES-256, transmitted encrypted with SSL/TLS.
      • Provide 7x24 hours of security emergency response; data backup in two locations and three centers.
      • Obtained multiple certifications such as ISO, Level 3 of Security Protection, Data Protection Regulations, etc.
    • High-performance
      • Cloud-native: Using Kubernetes containerization technology, supporting minute level elastic expansion and maximum support for billion level user authentication access scenarios.
      • Cloud-neutral: Maximum compatibility with users' cloud environments, not tied to original cloud vendors.
    • High productivity
      • Developer friendly: Provide rich login, authentication, authorization API/SDK to reduce R&D cost.
      • Fast integration with 2000+ mainstream applications, easy and efficient to build identity middleware.

    Integrate Authing in 5 minutes

    Single sign-on, authentication, authorization management, etc.