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Move from Auth0
Using Auth0 in China can pose a number of challenges. For this reason, Authing is offering a "Move from Auth0 Solution" which can meet the localization needs of enterprises and developers.
Why Authing instead of Auth0?
Entering the Chinese market requires more localized authentication and access management services.
Using Authing
Enjoy a more localized service
Fast global response time
Authing has been deployed in multiple nodes around the world, and static files are globally accelerated using AliCloud CDN; the average response time is only 500 milliseconds, whether domestic or foreign.
Complete application ecology
Authing is pre-integrated with many common identity sources from home and abroad, including WeChat, Alipay, Weibo, Google, Apple, Twitter, etc., and can be configured in 500 milliseconds.
Diverse cloud service choices
Authing supports multiple cloud deployments such as Huawei Cloud, Ali Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Amazon Cloud, Microsoft Cloud, etc. It is completely "cloud neutral" and enterprises have more diversified cloud ecological choices.
Active customer service
For enterprise customers, Authing provides dedicated customer success managers who can respond within 20 minutes on average, while for individual developers, there is a well-established developer forum to answer questions and solve problems.
Using Auth0
Facing the challenges of Chinese localization
Slow response time
Auth0 has a good reputation worldwide, but has not yet entered the Chinese market, so the average response time in China is long, taking about 2.7 seconds. However, the slow response time will affect the user experience.
Lacking third-party identity sources
Auth0 lacks support for localized "third-party identity sources" such as WeChat, Alipay, etc. However, in China, third-party login through these applications is essential.
Limited cloud deployment support
Auth0 only supports deployment in Amazon Cloud and Microsoft Cloud, but does not yet support Chinese local cloud service providers such as Ali Cloud, Tencent Cloud and Huawei Cloud, which are chosen by a large number of enterprises.
Limited after-sales service
Currently, Auth0 has not provided official support services in China, and the community responds slowly with a time difference.
Create "User First" IDaaS with Authing

Compared to Auth0, Authing Identity Cloud offers the same comprehensive IDaaS capabilities and 1000+ developer-friendly APIs/SDKs; and achieves better results at a lower cost. Learn more
Private Deployment
Users management
Move to Authing without burden

Authing has run through several best practices for companies that use Auth0 overseas but want to use Authing for their Chinese localization needs as they expand into China. Contact sales
01Evaluate migration costs
For example, we helped a global meta-universe social platform with 20,000 MAUs and 3 apps migrate their data to Authing. First, we will analyze the cost in terms of user & role information, permission information, app information, SDK, etc.
02Migrate stock data
Then, to ensure the replacement of Auth0 has not affected the original business, Authing combines the corresponding user data, role data, application data and permission data structures through the APIs of both parties to minimize the migration cost.
03Synchronize incremental data
In addition, for incremental data synchronization, Authing allows event-based or timer-based synchronization through an underlying interface supported by both parties, making the transition to use more trouble-free.
04Complete migration painlessly
Migrating to Authing enables companies to better meet China's data security and compliance terms. And with the API/SDK provided by Authing, it is more secure and efficient to achieve fast go-live and connect user data.

Choose Authing to increase company's productivity

  • High-security
    • Data is stored encrypted with AES-256, transmitted encrypted with SSL/TLS.
    • Provide 7x24 hours of security emergency response; data backup in two locations and three centers.
    • Obtained multiple certifications such as ISO, Level 3 of Security Protection, Data Protection Regulations, etc.
  • High-performance
    • Cloud-native: Using Kubernetes containerization technology, supporting minute level elastic expansion and maximum support for billion level user authentication access scenarios.
    • Cloud-neutral: Maximum compatibility with users' cloud environments, not tied to original cloud vendors.
  • High productivity
    • Developer friendly: Provide rich login, authentication, authorization API/SDK to reduce R&D cost.
    • Fast integration with 2000+ mainstream applications, easy and efficient to build identity middleware.

Integrate Authing in 5 minutes

Single sign-on, authentication, authorization management, etc.