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Full stack development engineer
Participate in the design and implementation of the front-end and back-end infrastructure of the company's external products, and provide stable and reliable services...
3-5 years / undergraduateapply
Front-end development engineer
Participate in customer demand research, system design and architecture work for the company's mid-stage project...
3-5 years / undergraduateapply
DevOps Development Engineer
Responsible for the construction and maintenance of the automated operation and maintenance platform and DevOps system...
3-5 years / undergraduateapply
Test Engineer
Design test cases according to product requirements and test plans, execute test cases, and skillfully use bug management...
3-5 years / undergraduateapply
Mobile development engineer Android / iOS
Responsible for the module program for the Android / iOS platform, packaged into SDK under each hybrid development framework, adaptation and testing, and technical support...
3-5 years / undergraduateapply
Node.js Engineer
Participate in the design and implementation of the front-end and back-end infrastructure of the company's external products, and provide stable and reliable services; be responsible for the design and implementation of the front-end and back-end...
3-5 years / undergraduateapply
Product manager
Responsible for product design, including product architecture and platform system construction, and can innovate product models...
3-5 years / undergraduateapply
Localization Planning Manager
Understand, investigate and analyze the target market of localized hardware and software and customer needs, research and master the product market environment, and mine, collect and manage market information...
3-5 years / undergraduateapply
UI designer
Responsible for UI of Authing console and related products and part of UE design...
3-5 years / undergraduateapply
Technical Support Engineer
Responsible for supporting and maintaining customers who have implemented Authing SaaS solutions, and responding to customers' technical issues in a timely manner...
3-5 years / undergraduateapply
Identity Solutions Engineer
Responsible for training software engineers, software architects and product owners, and provide technical knowledge about Authing...
3-5 years / undergraduateapply
Senior Solution Architect
Responsible for the solution architecture design of the industry, to ensure that the solution architecture has long-term competitiveness and that the architecture can be executed...
3-5 years / undergraduateapply
Senior Solution Engineer
Responsible for providing product demonstrations to potential customers and understanding customer needs through Q&A sessions...
3-5 years / undergraduateapply
System engineer
Responsible for solving customers' emerging problems, providing troubleshooting, classification, diagnosis and solutions...
3-5 years / undergraduateapply
Customer Sales Development Representative
Proactively contact potential customers through multiple channels such as telephone, social media, and related exhibitions, and tap potential customer needs...
3-5 years / undergraduateapply
SME Account Manager
Responsible for providing professional solutions to customers and follow up in real time...
3-5 years / undergraduateapply
Large corporate account manager
Responsible for formulating and implementing strategic customer sales plans; achieving expected goals by identifying, managing and expanding sales opportunities, and improving the sales system...
3-5 years / undergraduateapply
Government Account Manager
As a public sector account manager, you will be responsible for promoting the sales and expansion of the Authing identity management platform among government customers (government/park/health departments, etc.) and enterprise-level customers...
3-5 years / undergraduateapply
Technical operations
Responsible for Authing's product promotion and operation, build user operation system, explore and formulate Authing's overall promotion plan...
3-5 years / undergraduateapply
Overseas market operation of SaaS products
Daily update and maintenance of English new media platform and website...
2-5 years / undergraduateapply
Commercial Assistant
Statistics, collation and analysis of department sales data...
3-5 years / undergraduateapply