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Industry Challenges

Enterprise internal collaboration is in a bottleneck
The Limited R&D resources focus on their own product development, the enterprise's internal information investment is insufficient, the attention is not enough, and the internal coordination efficiency is low.
Personnel mobility and rapid expansion
It involves a variety of colors such as regular employees, flexible employment and upstream and downstream partners. The addition and deletion management of employee entry and resignation accounts is complex, data security and audit are not in compliance, the identity login information between upstream and downstream partners is not interconnected, and registration and login is troublesome.
The number of applications has surged, and there is no unified management
With the rapid development of business, the proliferation of application tools, the separation of data and identity among applications, the lack of a unified login, authorization and management platform, the low efficiency and high pressure of it operation and maintenance personnel.
Weak digital operation capability
The enterprise service industry is weak in the management of user marketing scenarios. It is difficult to adapt to flexible business scenarios in the design of user identity management, registered user information and unified login entrance of advertising.

Solution Value

Increase enterprise income
Federated single sign on
Security and management
Prevent bad behavior
Increase enterprise income
Provide potential customers with high-quality products and accelerate the sales cycle through rapid implementation, so as to save valuable engineering development time.
Increase enterprise income
Provide potential customers with high-quality products and accelerate the sales cycle through rapid implementation, so as to save valuable engineering development time.

How Authing supports the SaaS industry

API security
Improving API security and ensuring compliance with internal and external partner use cases in a zero trust environment can be challenging. Authing provides end-to-end API security and management based on an open standards approach.
For users
Easily protect and expose your API by supporting all OAuth 2.0 authorization flows and fine-grained scope and permissions, so as to expand the market scope and provide a better user experience.
For applications and systems
You can easily facilitate secure communication between the API and non interactive external clients and internal APIs with the touch of a switch.
For enterprise developers
Enable third-party application servers, APIs and system backend to issue authenticated requests to your APIs, while always maintaining control over fine scope and permissions.
Numerous compliance certifications to ensure identity security
There is no doubt that customer data security and compliance are the primary considerations of most companies. Authing has the most advanced security built into the product, so you don't have to worry about the security of your users and business.
Industry standard agreement: Improve the consistency and continuity of business operation and execution by adopting identity platforms that support industry certification standards such as OAuth and openid connect.
Compliance and certification: Authing has a number of domestic and international compliance certifications, including the DJCP Level 3, SOC 2, GDPR, ISO 9001, CCPA, PCI, HIPAA and FERPA, etc., vowing to protect every user & business.
Public and private clouds: Host your application in authoring's public cloud, our private cloud or your AWS environment. Our highly available multi tenant cloud service can handle a large number of transactions every day.
Adaptive multi-factor authentication
Adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a simple and effective best security practice method. It can add an additional layer of security protection in addition to the user name and password, and carry out secure authentication without sacrificing the user experience.
Protect users from credential theft and fraud
Multi-factor authentication is one of the best ways to prevent account theft. If an attacker wants to invade an MFA protected account, he not only needs to steal credentials, but also needs to verify additional factors.
Generally, we see a tendency to use MFA in industries dealing with sensitive data. There is no additional identity layer in these vertical domains, so the demand for MFA is urgent.

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