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We do two things for you
We also have internal and external identity management platform to provide the most suitable products for your enterprise
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Customer Identity
Five lines of code to create a secure and seamless authentication experience for your customers
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Workforce Identity
No development, integrated with internal systems, unified control of employee application identity rights and privileges
Support Privatization Deployment
Build a modern user center for you
Authing identity cloud can help enterprises manage external user accounts and internal employee permissions safely and efficiently, and ensure that enterprises focus on core business
Single Sign-On
Log in once and use all applications that you have been granted access to.
Login component
With just a few lines of code, the registration login form is generated immediately. You can also use the Authing SDK to customize the form.
Multi factor certification
Authing multi factor authentication support and other login authentication methods.
User management
Authing dashboard integrates the functions of user information, authority, data analysis and management, so that you can complete user authentication one-stop.
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Industry Solutions
We provide professional solutions for different industries and application areas to improve the productivity of enterprises
Five-lines of code will embed login into any application
Just drink a cup of coffee, you can have a secure and powerful identity module
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Better products and services for corporation
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“Authing is very innovative in emerging technologies such as cloud authentication, single sign-on, and serverless computing.”
—— Southeast University
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“Authing does a great job and integrates very well.”
—— AWS(Amazon Cloud Computing Service)
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“Compared with many manufacturers, we can feel the advantages of Authing. This is a product made through thinking.”
—— Higher Education Press
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“Authing offers everything one expects and beyond.”
—— Zhijiang Lab
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“After trying numerous Global solutions, Authing is the most professional one.”
—— K-Trust Technology
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“Authing's Customer Success Teams are always fast in responding.”
—— Toyota
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“Any time whenever we have required Authing, Authing's CS Teams is always responsive. Sometimes I just checked Beijing time and found that it is already another day, but they are still in work. I really appreciate this. Hats off to Authing.”
—— JCDecaux Group
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Cooperative partner
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ISO quality system certification
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General data protection regulations
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White paper on China's network security
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Three level protection
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National High Tech Enterprises
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Just one step to complete the registration, enjoy 3000 free authentication times.
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