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One of the world's top ten automobile industry companies, and the largest in Japan.
Refine access management
Authing provides an identity management infrastructure that allows us to manage accounts securely and efficiently. In addition, Authing's cloud-native architecture supports elastic scaling to meet our future expansion.
China's leading enterprise of navigation maps, dynamic traffic information, and location big data solutions.
Enhance authentication security
With the rapid growth of enterprises, identity data is increasingly fragmented across systems. The IDaaS built by Authing allows us to unify and synchronize data across multiple applications, enhancing security while improving efficiency.
A leading global car manufacturer
One of the world's top four car manufacturers, it tops the car sales charts in China year after year.
Improve development efficiency
Authing's federated authentication capabilities enable us to quickly federate different identity providers to achieve authentication, greatly reducing development and operation costs, and saving valuable time and resources.
A Tier 1 parts manufacturer
It is one of the top five global automotive suppliers with operations on five continents.
Support 100,000+ users
Authing products have high API coverage and support SDKs in mainstream languages, enabling us to conveniently invoke SDKs. And the underlying architecture of cloud-native can stably support hundreds of thousands of our users.

The digital transformation of automotive is imminent

Risk of leakage of drawing secrets
  • The rapid development of new energy car-making forces has increased the rate of talent turnover in the industry. The scattered authority management for new and old business systems may cause leakage of key technical and data information.
  • The business logic of permission management is complex, and the self-research system requires a lot of R&D costs; if the system is expanded in the future according to business needs, it needs to be built repeatedly, and the ROI is low.
  • Complexity of sub-brand and supplier data
  • Mature car companies are often divided into multiple sub-brands. The identity and data of different sub-brands should do data isolation to achieve the purpose of refined management.
  • The automotive manufacturing chain is complex, with many upstream and downstream suppliers. These suppliers also need to be properly maintained - but this will add additional management costs to internal IT.
  • Shortages of Windows AD
  • High prices, complex operations and high demands on corporate budgets and manpower;
  • Weak compatibility and incompatibility with emerging applications;
  • Single AD multi-domain coupling, multi-domain devices, applications, personnel have the risk of affecting each other.
  • Fragmentation of identity data
  • People in application A cannot correspond with application B one by one, making data interoperability and integration difficult.
  • Employees need to be authenticated several times when using different business systems, making operation inefficient.
  • Frequent staff turnover and a large number of supernumeraries lead to complex and inefficient operations and maintenance work.
  • Choose Authing to increase company's productivity

    • High-security
      • Data is stored encrypted with AES-256, transmitted encrypted with SSL/TLS.
      • Provide 7x24 hours of security emergency response; data backup in two locations and three centers.
      • Obtained multiple certifications such as ISO, Level 3 of Security Protection, Data Protection Regulations, etc.
    • High-performance
      • Cloud-native: Using Kubernetes containerization technology, supporting minute level elastic expansion and maximum support for billion level user authentication access scenarios.
      • Cloud-neutral: Maximum compatibility with users' cloud environments, not tied to original cloud vendors.
    • High productivity
      • Developer friendly: Provide rich login, authentication, authorization API/SDK to reduce R&D cost.
      • Fast integration with 2000+ mainstream applications, easy and efficient to build identity middleware.

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