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Authing is the first developer-centric full scene identity cloud product in China. It integrates all the mainstream identity authentication protocols and provides complete and secure user authentication and access management services for enterprises and developers. Authing was recognized as "2020 national high tech enterprise" by the Ministry of science and technology, and was selected as "domestic innovation enterprise in the field of identity management and access control" by the China Academy of information and communications, and was included in the 2019 white paper on the network security industry. Authing has created an excellent development mode, efficient office process and safe management system for excellent enterprises at home and abroad, such as PetroChina, State Grid, China Merchants Bank, Toyota, JCDecaux roup, etc.

Authing key features include Single Sign-On, User Analytics, Swipe Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication, Behavioral Auditing, Risk Management, Cross-platform Device Management, IoT Authentication, etc.; compatible with various international standard protocols: OAuth2.0, OIDC, SAML, AD/ LDAP, WS-Fed, JWT, etc.; there is also Pipeline for function-based computing that extends Authing capabilities without limit. Authing supports cloud delivery and private deployment methods to help enterprises and developers enhance productivity a thousandfold.

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