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Using Authing
SDK Access
Third Login
Form Login
Scan Login
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Web login
SSO Document
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Wechat mobile website login
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Using Authing
Register Authing
Explore how to create an Authing developer account, and get familiar with the overall operation mode of the Authing system.
Quick Login
Quick start
An example of SSO using Authing and guard.
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Development documents
Learn how to use Authing for development and understand the professional knowledge of identity authentication.
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SDK Access
Multi-language SDK is provided to encapsulate API signature calculation for users, organize request structure, build connection pool, improve request efficiency and performance, parse returned results, etc.
Minprogram SDK
JavaScript SDK
Node.js SDK
Java SDK
Python SDK
React Native
Configure user permissions
In the Authing console, users' rights and operation flow can be quickly configured.
Configure MFA security password
Adaptive MFA is a security system
Configure web security domain
How to configure web security domain.
Configure password strength
Configure the password strength in the Security > user password and data encryption page.
Configure password encryption function
Customize the encryption method of user password in user pool.
Form Login
Guard Login Form
Guard is a login form, users can easily authenticate using the selected connection.
Guard VS Custom UI
When connecting Authing to your application, the best solution is to use Authing...
Scan QR Code Login
Access Mini Program Scan Code Login
Scan the QR code of the applet and use the applet "Small Login" for authentication. Using the "Small Login" will increase the registration conversion rate by 80% and save 100% of the SMS cost.
Access to the privatized applet
If you are a user of private deployment "small login", please check this chapter for access.
Best Practice
Express Integrated OIDC Single Sign-On Guide
Details how Express integrates Authing OIDC single sign-on.
Confluence Access Authing OIDC Guide
Introduce in detail how Confluence accesses Authing OIDC.
Spring Security 5 Integrated Authing OIDC Single Sign-On Guide
Introduce in detail how Spring Security 5 accesses Authing OIDC.
Error Code
Error code message format.
Learn about the free emails and text messages that come with Authing
E-mail is an e-mail sending service provided by Authing for users registered with "Mailbox".
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