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Enhance AD to improve the efficiency of enterprise digital transformation
Traditional Active Directory Solutions
Only support LDAP, Kerberos protocol: difficult to access more applications on and off the cloud in the future.
Single use scenario: Difficult to achieve Single Sign-on (SSO), application integration, data synchronization, etc.
Doesn't meet the needs of the industries: difficult to access non-local resources and cloud resources, can only do domain permissions control.
Low scalability and complex configuration: Lack of API and expansion capability, high cost burden for IT operation and bug fixing, etc.
AD 身份解决方案
AD 单点登录
The future of the identity system
More convenient integration: In addition to LDAP, it supports OIDC, OAuth2.0, SAML, CAS and other protocols, and access to 2000+ common applications.
More diverse functions: Using Authing as a modern directory, it can achieve AD SSO, lifecycle management,MFA and other functions at the same time.
More fine-grained authorization: Supports RBAC/ABAC model, application access authorization and other authorization.
Higher scalability: Rich SDK/API, login component, Serverless capability, flexible to match business requirements and reduce O&M workload.
Authing Connector- AD Identity Solution
Provide Windows AD-based authentication services for enterprise users, seamlessly migrating AD users and organizations.
Let AD and Authing co-exist: AD manages the hardware layer and Authing manages the software business layer, supporting bi-directional data synchronization between the two.
AD 身份验证
Rethinking the AD maturity model
Business Agility
Business Modernity
authing ad feature
Present situation
All users stored in AD
AD controls all machines and accesses them through GPO
SaaS uses independent login
Extending AD with the single sign-on
IDaaS is integrated with AD and supports single sign-on for SaaS and local applications
IDaaS centralized security policy
MFA protects applications and resources
Establishing IDaaS identity Center
IDaaS purchases employees directly from human resources and assigns them to AD
Local nonemployees managed by IDaaS
Device management solutions control end-user devices
Secure identity cloud
IDaaS controls access to all applications and resources through adaptive policies and password-free authentication
Device management and IDaaS solutions share device and user context
IDaaS protects access to servers and network resources (such as VPN and WiFi)

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Single sign-on, authentication, authorization management, etc.
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