AD makes everything more difficult
The company is growing, but AD has not kept pace. AD now makes it harder for you to support contractors, freelancers, and teleworkers. It creates extra work and hinders the company's innovation and modernization.
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Transition to Authing
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Unlike Microsoft AD, the Authing identity cloud is built to meet the company's long-term needs. Authing identity cloud is a modern directory, which not only provides single sign-on (SSO), life cycle management and multi factor authentication.
Security, productivity, flexibility
The function of Authing can accommodate multiple identities and devices. With more than 6000 integrations in the Authing integration network, Authing can connect anyone associated with your organization to any technology they want to use. By focusing on users, Authing implements a zero-trust approach to security, so you don't have to worry.
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The conversion is worth it
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Choosing Authing means taking back control of the authentication process and data. Starting today, Authing can help you complete the transformation.
Rethinking the AD maturity model
Business Agility
Business Modernity
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Present situation
All users stored in AD
AD controls all machines and accesses them through GPO
SaaS uses independent login
Extending AD with the single sign-on
IDaaS is integrated with AD and supports single sign-on for SaaS and local applications
IDaaS centralized security policy
MFA protects applications and resources
Establishing IDaaS identity Center
IDaaS purchases employees directly from human resources and assigns them to AD
Local nonemployees managed by IDaaS
Device management solutions control end-user devices
Secure identity cloud
IDaaS controls access to all applications and resources through adaptive policies and password-free authentication
Device management and IDaaS solutions share device and user context
IDaaS protects access to servers and network resources (such as VPN and WiFi)
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