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Customer Introduction

SEER is a high-tech company that specializes in intelligent manufacturing and smart logistics. They offer various types of AMRs such as an AMR controller, a digital platform, a factory collaboration solution, and an automatic forklift. SEER provides one-stop logistics solutions for different industries and supports non-standard applications. Their focus is to promote industrial transformation and upgrading through informatization, digitalization, and intelligence.

From discovering needs to solving needs, from solving needs to creating needs, SEER insists on finding breakthroughs in customer needs and its own multi-level needs, focusing on industrial intelligence, conducting open innovation, and creating value for partners.

Customer Challenges

Problem 1
Enterprise application systems are dispersed, leading to isolated data and difficulty in unified identity management. This creates a data island effect.
Problem 2
As business grows and more people are hired, managing and allocating employee permissions has become a complex issue.
Problem 3
Users have to authenticate repeatedly while using application systems due to lack of unified identity authentication and authorization process between systems.

How Authing Solves

Using Authing as an identity management platform can help enterprises integrate applications, unify access management, and synchronize data with one operation.
Authing is based on RBAC and ABAC permission models, which can help enterprises achieve flexible and fine-grained access management.
Authing supports protocols like OIDC, OAuth2, SAML, CAS, etc., which can help enterprises quickly realize unified authentication and authorization.