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Customer Introduction

Founded in 1999, CSDN (China Software Developer Network) is a well-known Chinese developer website worldwide. Adhering to the mission of empowering one hundred million technical talents, CSDN provides comprehensive services for developers' ecosystem, IT knowledge learning, talent recruitment, R&D efficiency, and collaborative management for technology companies. With a community-based foundation, CSDN serves over 35 million registered users, 10 million monthly active users, covering more than 90% of Chinese developers and 70% of IT professionals.


Customer Challenges

Challenge 1
The task of building a user identity management system is arduous. It is difficult to complete development within a short project cycle.
Challenge 2
Considering the future expansion of the platform, CSDN hopes to provide users with more social login methods, and forming a unified identity management strategy for One-ID.
Challenge 3
Platform operation involves multiple parties' cooperation, which requires ensuring operational openness while protecting the security of identity data.

How Authing Solves

Authing provides 1000+ API/SDK for mainstream programming languages, helping CSDN shorten the development cycle by one month.
Authing Guard, social login options and third-party identity associations allow for highly customized user login experience and unified One-ID identity management.
Authing's PBAC model enables granular permission management and supports unified organization and user role management through interfaces.

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