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Customer Identity
Create a secure and seamless authentication experience for your customers
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Workforce Identity
Protect and enable your workforce to use any technology on any device
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Identity infrastructure for cloud computing

Authing focus on identity and build a social infrastructure for identity sharing across all SaaS software and users to help companies build a secure modern IT infrastructure that not only protects their business, but also redefines the user experience.
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Access thousands of application in Authing Partner Network

Authing has built an application ecosystem. Any application that users want will appear directly in Authing's integrated network.

A safe future, Connect now

Authing is the foundation for secure connections between a complex identity ecology and an application ecology in which countless identities access applications and resources in a borderless way.
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Customer Evaluation

“Authing is very innovative in emerging technologies such as cloud authentication, single sign-on, and serverless computing.”
“Authing provides a perfect single sign-on platform to help PetroChina quickly realize efficient user management.”
“Compared with many manufacturers, we can feel the advantages of Authing. This is a product made through thinking.”
“Authing opens up Feishu products, provides us with identity source capabilities, rapid deployment and developer-friendliness, which meets our current and future needs, saves us a lot of R&D manpower, costs and cycles, and allows us to transfer these valuable More resources are used for companies and customers.”
“Authing improves our efficiency, reduces development and operation costs, and saves valuable time and resources.”
“Authing's Customer Success Teams are always fast in responding.”
“Any time whenever we have required Authing, Authing's CS Teams is always responsive. Sometimes I just checked Beijing time and found that it is already another day, but they are still in work. I really appreciate this. Hats off to Authing.”
“We are currently large in addition to many users, involving dozens of application systems, delete, account lifecycle management, etc., the workload is huge, and it is easy to leak to cause safety hazards. Authing help us solve the challenge of identity.”

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