Customer Introduction

Deephow develops an AI-powered learning platform for manufacturing, service, and repair, by turning real work into mobile ready, interactive smart video training.

Deephow delivers a scalable solution to the skilled trade gap, using AI technology to capture and share knowledge across your organization effortlessly.


Customer Challenges

Deephow needs an excellent social login experience to simplify its users' login experience on third-party platforms such as WeChat, win form, etc., and meanwhile provide its users with a simpler and more convenient way to create accounts on third-party platforms.

How Authing Solves

In cooperation with Deephow, Authing provides full one-to-one consultation and technical services to support Deephow's success.
By using the C# SDK access method, Authing provides Deephow with a highly customizable social login, bringing its users a more convenient third-party account creation & login experience.
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